Update on the Marie Reay Collection (ANUA440)

Marie Reay in 1955 (detail of a photograph of staff and scholars in the Anthropology Department, Research School of Pacific Studies in 1955. In the original photograph, Dr Marie Reay is seated far right in front row, next to Professor Siegfried Nadel. Dr W E Stanner is front row, second from left.)

Ms Karina Taylor, Archivist at the ANU’s Pacific Research Archive (PRA), has completed the accession of the Marie Reay Collection (ANUA440) to the PRA. A full list of items in the Marie Reay Collection will be available shortly on the ANU archive database (ICA-AtoM). Meanwhile, you may download PDF lists of the documents and audiovisual material contained in Marie Reay Collection here. All material in the collection is available for reference through the ANU Archives Program. If you wish to view the collection, please contact the butlin.archives@anu.edu.au.

Karina gratefully acknowledges the support of Professor Francesca Merlan and her research assistant Ms Zazie Bowen in the accession of this collection to the PRA. See this post to Outrigger for more on the significance of the Marie Reay Collection.

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