Conference: The Challenges for Participatory Development in Contemporary Development Practice

28-29 November 2012, Manning Clark Lecture Theatre, ANU

This is the third conference as part of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Universities Linkages, which brings scholars and aid practitioners together to discuss important development issues. The programme has a stunning list of keynote and other speakers and will run with 6 parallel sessions over two days (the keynote speakers are Robert Chambers, Gita Sen, Emele Duituturaga and Alan Fowler). Full details of the conference, including a complete list of speakers and abstracts is available on the conference website.

Unfortunately, this conference is already fully subscribed, with more than 450 registered participants, so we’ve listed papers relevant to the Pacific in the hope that you might contact the speakers directly to learn more about their work:

  • Nicholas Bates (Albion Street Centre) – Monitoring and evaluation of HIV capacity building: communities taking the lead [PNG, Fiji]
  • Paul Bedggood (Otago) – New Zealand ODA and building peace
  • Jo Brislane (IWDA) – Experiences of the participation of women, and youth and other cross-cutting issues [Solomon Islands]
  • Michelle Carnegie, Katherine Gibson, Katherine McKinnon (UMacq); Claire Rowland (Consultant); Joanne Crawford (IWSA and ANU) – Measuring change in economy and gender relations in semi-subsistent communities in Melanesia: Concepts, indicators, and tools
  • Sid Chakrabarti (AusAID) – Experiences of accountability and partnership [Solomon Islands]
  • Matthew Clarke (Deakin) – Sacred places and development spaces: a case study of churches and community development in Vanuatu
  • Cath Conn, Kristel Modderman, Shoba Nayar (AUT) – At the limits of participatory development: meaningful participation by young sex workers in HIV policy and programmes
  • Lauren Leigh Hinthorne (UQ) – Achieving participatory development communication through 3d model building: an example from East Timor
  • Kathryn James (Nossal Institute) – Participatory research processes: partnering with people with disabilities and their organisations [PNG]
  • Max Kelly (Deakin) – What role for local NGOs in rural livelihoods in Timor Leste?
  • Di Kilsby (Consultant) & Joanne Crawford (IWDA and ANU) – Navigating ‘gender’ and ‘culture’: amplifying space for gender equality work by listening to local gender advocates [PNG, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste]
  • Georgia Noy & Fatima Soares, Save the Children in Timor Leste – Barriers to children’s participation
  • Barbara Pamphilon (UC); Barbara Chambers, Katja Mikhailovich, Lalen Simeon (PAU) – Enabling the co-construction of meaning: lessons from a PNG/ Australian research and development project
  • Doris Puiahi (Live and Learn Solomon Islands), Patrick Mesia (ADRA, Solomon Islands), Jo Brislane (IWDA), Sid Chakrabarti (AusAID) – Experiences, opportunities and challenges of implementing a Strengths-Based Approach to development in the Solomon Islands
  • Michele Rumsey (UTS) – Participatory models for building capacity for nurses and midwives [Pacific]
  • Jane Shamrock (Masters student, USC) – The power of pictures: using Photovoice to investigate “lived experience of people with disabilities in East Timor”
  • Beth Sprunt (Nossal Institute) – Inclusive education in the Pacific – sharing lessons as the momentum builds [Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, PNG, Solomon Islands]
  • Pamela Thomas (ANU); Anna Naupa, David Momcilovic and Obed Timakata (AusAID Vanuatu) – Perspectives on participation and partnerships: Approaches to development planning and practice in Vanuatu
  • Cathy Vaughan (UMelb) – Supporting dialogue in marginalised settings: Young Papua New Guineans and participatory research
  • Joyce Wu (ANU) – Creating MAD (Men and Development) Men? A feminist reflection of anti-violence against women projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Timor Leste
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