AAAPS AGM 2012 (summary report)

by Dr Jack Taylor, Secretary, Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies.

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies (AAAPS) was held on 2 November at Melbourne University. It followed an excellent talk by Pacific journalist and broadcaster Nic Maclellan on major political, economic and social changes occurring in and around the wider Pacific region which are affecting the way island states and territories form groups and alliances with one another and with Australia and NZ.

The AGM was well attended and the committee received reports on the successful AAAPS conference held in Wollongong earlier this year (April 2012). At the AGM, the next AAAPS conference in Sydney in April 2014 was discussed, as were plans for a series of guest lectures, seminars and workshops in 2013.

AAAPS has difficult decisions to make about such things as whether to charge an annual membership fee, how best to provide an internet service to members and also to change its rules so that local branches or organisations with related objectives might be affiliated with AAAPS.  Strategies and options will be considered by the committee, together with a proposal to change the name to Australian Association for Pacific Studies (AAPS), in a report to be submitted to the next general meeting in the first half of 2013.

The executive committee was elected.  It comprises office bearers and members in Melbourne, the ACT, NSW, SA and Queensland.  The present committee had been selected at the meeting at the Wollongong conference and had shown that the association can be run efficiently by email. Two student representatives were also elected.

The publications officers on the committee reported on the production of the newsletter, and called for contributions to the next one – intending to put out two newsletters a year.

AAAPS members include a wide range of people interested in encouraging Pacific Island-related studies, cultural and artistic activities, in Australia.  They come from across Australia and the Pacific Region.

Membership inquiries should be addressed to the co-secretary, John Taylor, at the following email address:

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