2nd Consultation Workshop on the Safeguarding of Nan Madol (21-23 March 2013)

“The Second Consultation Workshop on the Safeguarding of Nan Madol will be held in Ponhpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) by the Ponhpei State Government in cooperation with FSM National Government with UNESCO assistance.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for national experts, traditional leaders and international experts to present progress in the Nan Madol safeguarding made since the previous consultation held in November 2011. Progress reports in the following areas will be presented; i) community participation in the safeguarding of Nan Madol, ii) identification and presentation of heritage resources of Nan Madol, iii) developing the management plan of Nan Madol and Lelu, iv) reconciling safeguarding and promotion of Nan Madol for sustainable development, v) developing the World Heritage nomination.”

[For more on Nan Madol, see this earlier post to Outrigger.]

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