Dissertations on PNG highlands online

by Kathy Creely, Melanesian Studies Resource Centre (and Archive), UCSD Library.

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) Library has recently completed a project to digitize and provide online access to fifty-two dissertations and theses which document anthropological (and related) research in Papua New Guinea.  With one exception* the research was situated in the Highlands.  This work was done with permission granted by the authors or their heirs.  Funding was provided by the UCSD Library.

Access is through the Digital Library Collections at https:libraries.ucsd.edu/digital and the dissertations are easily found by browsing “By Collection/Library” and selecting “Papua New Guinea Highlands dissertations” under the “Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology”.

Links are also present in the records for individual titles in our library catalog (http://roger.ucsd.edu), most easily found by a keyword search on  “Papua New Guinea Highlands Dissertations”.

This project could not have happened without help from many people.  Janel Kozlowski Fink managed the permission-seeking process. Roger Smith, Joaquim (Jack) Neves, Gabriela Montoya and Cristela Garcia-Spitz of the UC San Diego Library’s Digital Library Program coordinated the work of getting the scans made and a million other details.  Hanley Cocks and Marilu Vallejo worked on creating catalog records for each title; Arwen Hutt ensured that these records were adapted for metadata describing the digital versions.  All of the authors generously gave permission to include their works without restriction.  Special thanks to scholars who supplied advice, contact information, missing pages, scans of original plates, loans of original typescripts, and other treasures: Chris Ballard, Philip Gibbs, Terence Hays, Robin Hide, Allison Jablonko, Ragnar Johnson, Deveni Temu, Paige West, Polly Wiessner and many others.  A huge thank you to everyone above—and apologies if I’ve left anyone off the list.

Now available online:

[*Kenneth Read’s 1946 master’s thesis]

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