Call for Papers: Transoceania 2012 (14-15 July 2012)

Transoceania 2012: Currents of Memory, Identity, and Representation Between the Islands of Japan and Oceania

The Inaugural Symposium of the Transoceania Project (Project35) will be held from 14-15 July 2012 at the University of Tokyo. The Transoceania Project is a collaborative Pacific Islands Studies initiative based in Japan and supported by the Toyota Foundation. This symposium will take the form of a public keynote lecture, followed by a registration-only forum for up to fifty participants, with the goal of initiating new conversations around themes of memory, identity, and representation between the islands of Japan and Oceania.

This will be the first cultural studies/Pacific Islands Studies gathering of its kind in Tokyo. One of the biggest barriers to including Japanese academia, art, and activism in Pacific conversations is language. Unfortunately many scholars in Japan do not publish in English, nor do many scholars of the Pacific speak or read/write Japanese. However, many conferences are held in Tokyo in English, with some segments in Japanese or with interpretation. As we would like to involve colleagues from all around the region, we have chosen to hold our first symposium mainly in English.

Please see Transoceania 2012: Call for Papers for further details, visit our website to register ( or write to

Dr. Greg Dvorak, Associate Professor of Pacific and Asian Cultural Studies, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Law, Tokyo, Japan.

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