Coral Triangle Fishers Forum II (18-20 June)

The Coral Triangle Fishers Forum (CTFF) II, will be held in Suva Fiji and will allow participants to gain perspective from fishers around the region, learn more about the issues that affect them, and gain a common ground in achieving sustainable and equitable fisheries.

Gather approximately 100 regional stakeholders, especially local fishers and industry representatives, to identify strategies and models for effective partnerships on seafood traceability, reducing IUU fisheries and achieving long-term sustainability and security in the seafood sector. This will help fishers and seafood companies to improve the long-term viability of fishing communities and reduce impacts from fisheries in the region.

Who is the event for?

  • Fisher folk representatives and leaders of fishing associations
  • Processing company managers
  • Export/buyer company managers
  • Fisheries managers, certifiers, advisors, researchers and technicians

Objectives of the CTFF II meeting

  1. Facilitate awareness-raising on IUU fishing issues as they affect the fishing and seafood sectors – small to large.
  2. Share experience on improving traceability, including catch documentation, technologies and their anti-IUU fishing characteristics from Coral Triangle and regional fisheries, identifying obstacles, key issues and priorities.
  3. Promote, and learn from specific examples (success stories, new innovations) on catch documentation and traceability, including under Fisheries Improvement Plans (FIP) and/or with links to buyers and key markets, and how these help address IUU fishing issues and overcome obstacles.
  4. Develop new pilots/links to collaborate on anti-IUU fishing technologies and fishery best practices.
  5. Develop a regional “road map” to enable and expand collaborations on traceability and IUU fishing, assessing relevant policies and programmes, how fisher folk and industry players can help influence and implement these and identify what support may be needed.
  6. Further cultivate the CTFF as a platform for regional dialogue and multi-stakeholder consensus building on sustainable fisheries to contribute towards delivering the goals of the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Regional Plan of Action and related Western and Central Pacific initiatives.

To register, please contact:

Keith Symington
WWF Coral Triangle
Tel: +84 914435348

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