Transit of Venus (6 June 2012 in the Western Pacific)

Public Lecture, 5 June at the ANU.

“On Wednesday 6 June 2012* the planet Venus will transit in front of the Sun. This will not happen again for another 105 years, and fortunately Australia is in a prime location to see the transit! The transit of Venus is historically important for this part of the world, as in 1769 Captain Cook undertook his first voyage to the south Pacific to observe it from Tahiti…” [attend the public lecture at the ANU on the Transit of Venus or read a facsimile of Cook’s account of the 1769 Transit of Venus].

You may also download a copy of the published version of Captain Cook’s Journal during his first voyage round the world made in H.M. Bark “Endeavour” 1768-71 (31 Mb PDF).

[* Note that as of 30 December 2011, Samoa falls to the west of the International Date Line. The map to the left (click it!) illustrates this change and variance from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).]

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