Gary Kildea Master Classes in Ethnographic Film (at ANU)

Courses are fully subscribed and applications closed

Award-winning ethnographic film maker Gary Kildea [think Bugla Yunggu, Trobriand Cricket, Koriam’s Law among others] will be returning to the ANU during July-August to teach short intensive courses in the use of video camera for field research. The first course will be taught from July 2-13, the second one from July 23 – August 3 and the third one from August 6-17 if there is sufficient demand for it. The courses will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week, with training exercises to work on in-between. A course may also be offered in video editing during August 20-31 if there is sufficient demand. The courses are open to any ANU staff or students without charge (limit of ten per course). To sign up please email with your preference for video camera sessions and indicate if you would like to sign up for the editing course [watch an interview with Kildea at Cambridge University in 2006].

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  1. Stanley Dalby says:

    From: Michael Havas
    Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:26 AM
    Subject: Gary Kildea

    Hello Susan and Stanley

    Stan, do you think you could trace a contact to Gary Kildea at the Australian National University in Canberra? Two of my students have chosen TROBRIAND CRICKET for their thesis.

    Just a quick midnight note written in haste with warm regards


    Patanka 2613/9

    160 00 Praha 6

    Czech Republic

    Cell Phone: +420 603 265 119

    Skype: michaelhavas

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