Pace-Net update (August 2012)

PACE-Net newsletter No.4 is now available. It includes:

  • A review of the 2nd bi-regional Stakeholder-Conference, Brussels, March 2012
  • An outlook to the 3rd bi-regional Stakeholder-Conference Suva, March 2013
  • A note on Dr. Claude Payri, who recently received the Legion of Honor insignia
  • News on Pacific Platform for DRM and regional water/sanitation consultations

Of particular significance is the information on FP7 funding concerning Opportunities for South Pacific, OCT’s and ACP’s. You may subscribe to PACE-Net newsletters (see the bottom right hand column of the PACE-Net Brussels Conference homepage) or read old issues in the PACE-Net newsletter archive.

Several PACE-Net policy briefs based on the workshop and dialogue platform discussions in Brisbane and Brussels are now available and open for comment. All of these are related to the common theme of climate change in the Pacific:

PACE-Net intends to collect responses to revise the present policy briefs towards White Papers. These White Papers will be published for and circulated within FP7 PACE-Net activities or FP7 projects following-up PACE-Net. To make a contribution online to these papers, please visit the PACE-Net website. You may also read more about participants in PACE-Net fora to date on the project website.

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