Reframing national memory: stories from Australia and Japan about the Pacific War

Edited by Prof. Mayumi Kamada (ANU Alumna) with contributions by Dr Keiko Tamura and Emeritus Professor Hank Nelson.

This is the first academic volume in Japanese to examine the Pacific War from both Japanese and Australian perspectives.  In Japan, the Pacific War has been long seen as a war against the United States.  Some Japanese do not know that Japan and Australia fought against each other in the Pacific War.  This book was written to educate a broad readership about this part of Japanese history.  At the same time, authors have investigated how the war is remembered in Australia and Japan through museum exhibitions and memorial ceremonies. Diverse experiences of those who were caught up in the war are given close attention and the chapters include experiences and perceptions of war by the peoples in New Guinea, Japanese internees in Australia and Japanese military nurses in Rabaul. Studies of literature and propaganda films are also included. An English language table of contents is included in the publication and the book may be purchased online from Ochanomizu Shobo.

If you have any inquiries about the contents of this book, please contact the editor, Mayumi Kamada ( or Keiko Tamura (

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