Welcome, Ivo Syndicus!

The Pacific Institute welcomes Ivo Syndicus as a Postgraduate Visitor from the Department of Anthropology, National University of Ireland Maynooth. Ivo is visiting ANU on his way to the University of Goroka where he will be conducting field research for his PhD project entitled “Culture, Development, and Higher Education in Papua New Guinea”.

Ivo had been a visiting student at the University of Goroka in 2010 and his time there informed the design of his current research on the tension between a globally institutionalised agenda of development through education, and the recognition of culturally diverse ways of knowing and being. His research proposes to explore ethnographically the politics of knowledge in which university education is embedded and engaged, and to consider how subjectivities and reflexive notions of the self shape and are shaped by the experience of higher education in PNG.

While at ANU, Ivo is reviewing library and archival resources and is consulting with numerous scholars about the history and contemporary perspectives on university education in PNG. He is collecting reports on higher education in PNG and would be grateful to hear of any further material held in private hands (he can be contacted at  ivo.syndicus@anu.edu.au).

Ivo will be giving a seminar in the Anthropology series on the scope of his research on Wednesday 7 November, 9.30 am, in Coombs Seminar Room A.

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One Response to Welcome, Ivo Syndicus!

  1. Michael Costello says:

    Dear Ivor Syndicus,

    I am interested in several areas of your work, including your research on comparative land usage and also corruption.

    I am completing my doctorate at the University of Kent, UK on dispute resolution and the relationship of law and custom in an area of the Caucasus and would like to read any of the topics you have covered. I saw you are taking a SSGM seminar on 15th July which I cannot attend as I am in the UK.

    Best wishes and looking forward to contact,

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