‘Re-experiencing Asia and the Pacific: New Visions of Region Across Disciplinary Boundaries’

Research School of Asia and the Pacific (RSAP) Annual Symposium 2012.
28 November—30 November 2012, ANU, Canberra. Registration now open (see below).

In the post Cold War era, new ideas from a wide range of approaches – including archaeology, anthropology, international relations, historiography, cultural geography, globalization studies, and postcolonial and diaspora studies – have challenged the way in which researchers understand and study regions. Flows of people, objects and knowledge are complicating the boundaries of areas which conventional Area Studies have treated as separate realms. For example, growing links between East Asia and the Pacific Islands, and between China and India, not only challenge the ways in which scholars map and subdivide the contemporary world, but also make visible long-neglected historical connections across sub-regional boundaries.

This symposium aims to discuss the relationship between space and society framed by the questions “what is ‘our region’?” and “in what ways are the Asia and the Pacific as region(s)—or sub-regions within and across Asia and the Pacific—being visualized, studied and experienced?”

The symposium’s four subthemes will be “Living Landscape: Human / Nature in Asia and the Pacific”; “Liquid Areas: People and Places in Motion”, “Sharing Knowledge: Across Spatial and Institutional Boundaries” and “Moving Pictures: Visual Re-Creations of Asia and the Pacific”. Building on these sub-themes, the symposium will generate and disseminate cutting-edge conceptual frameworks for new forms of area studies, with special relevance to the Asian and Pacific region.

For more information on the symposium and how to register go to http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/researchschool/events/annual_conference/?year=2012.

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