AAA Conference 2012 (Pacific-related papers)

The 111th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) has just been held in San Francisco with the theme Borders and Crossings (November 14-18). This year’s program had 717 sessions, 34 workshops, 13 innovents and 183 special events. The AAA program is rather intimidating, so we’ve extracted information from it (for those of us not able to go!) on the four sessions (panels) and other papers of specific interest to scholars of the Pacific islands:

The edges of sex and HIV in Papua New Guinea: culture, right

From “stone-age” to “real-time”: temporalities and mobilities in and beyond Papua

Pacific masculinities

mana: translations and transformations of a classic concept in anthropology

Pacific-related papers in other sessions

A business meeting of the Melanesian Interest Group was also held during the AAA Meeting.

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