It’s 2013, And They’re Burning ‘Witches’

In her latest article in The Global Mail, Jo Chandler writes that “Belief in black magic persists in Papua New Guinea, where communities are warping under the pressure of the mining boom’s unfulfilled expectations. Women are blamed, accused of sorcery and branded as witches — with horrific consequences.”

In June 2013, the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Program (SSGM) will host a conference on Sorcery and witchcraft-related killings in Melanesia: culture, law and human rights perspectives. Preparations for this conference are well advanced and the call for papers closed earlier this month. More information will be posted to Outrigger shortly, or you may contact one of the conference convenors – Assoc. Prof. Richard Eves or Dr Miranda Forsyth.

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