Envisioning tomorrow: social work in PNG

UPNG_Social_Work_classDocumentary by Cameron Rose, Catherine Flynn and Kerry Brydon.

This short documentary has emerged from the ongoing collaboration in Social Work at the University of Papua New Guinea and Monash University, that began in 2010 with the Go8-UPNG project.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a resource rich country that is facing rapid change and considerable development; the vast majority of its population live in rural and remote settings, with a subsistence lifestyle. Most reports about PNG highlight the shortcomings of the country and the numerous challenges faced. Our experience, however, through the Go8-UPNG collaboration is that there is a high degree of commitment to the provision of quality social work practice and there is evidence of innovative local practice models addressing problems across a range of domains, including: HIV/Aids, literacy and gender-based violence.

This documentary showcases these best practices. It illustrates how the profession, practitioners and social work educators are making a key contribution to the ongoing development of the nation, through programs and approaches based on the fundamental principle of equality. The use of a documentary ensures that social workers’ voices are central and the story of social work in PNG is told through the lens of the people who are living it. This presentation will allow the audience to gain knowledge about issues confronting our social work colleagues in PNG and how they have responded to these challenges and created opportunities for their communities.

[also see Spasim Pikinini, Rose’s short film on Marie Stopes International in PNG.]

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