Solomon Islands – Country partnership strategy for the period FY2013-2017 (English)

The World Bank’s first full Country Partnership Strategy for the Solomon Islands, covering the period 2013-2017, is now available.

Abstract: “This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) is the first full country strategy prepared for Solomon Islands, following an Interim Strategy Note (ISN) in 2010. The World Bank Group has been scaling up its assistance in the Pacific and is moving to individual country strategies, to better acknowledge country-specific challenges and priorities, while also ensuring that individual strategies are placed within a coherent broader framework for engagement with the Pacific islands given common challenges as well as differences. At the same time, Solomon Islands remain a fragile country; deep development challenges persist and some of the stresses that contributed to the tension a decade ago could potentially resurface without sustained effort to address them by the government and its partners. Building on the relative stability of the recent years and embedding gains achieved to date, will be key to creating the economic incentives, social cohesion and improved state-society relationships that are essential to avoiding future conflicts and reducing fragility and poverty. The World Bank Group’s value added in Solomon Islands comes primarily from the expertise and experience of working in other fragile and capacity-constrained environments and the ability to leverage the engagement of other public and private resources and expertise. In that context, this CPS will: (i) provide an update on the country context and its implications for the Bank Group’s operations; and (ii) reconfirm and deepen the Bank Group’s strategy in the context of a more stable but continuing high-risk operating environment.”

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