Petition to save KIT Library & The Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam)

Het_TropenmuseumThe Library of the Royal Institute for the Tropics and The Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam’s ethnographic and multicultural museum [with an outstanding permanent exhibition of art and artefacts from New Guinea and Oceania], may close in the next few years if the Government of The Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) cannot be convinced to provide ongoing financial support for this historic institution (if it closes, its collection will be dispersed across various state institutions located in other cities in the country). Sign the petition for continued funding of the Tropenmuseum BEFORE 30 JUNE.

Schilderij-van-twee-Marind-krijgers[For non-Dutch speakers visiting the site, please fill in your full name (“Ik” box), the town or city in which you live (“wonende te” box), then tick the check box if you WANT your name and address to be visible (“mijn naam en woonplaats mogen publiek zichtbaar zijn onder de petitie”), add your email and sign (“ondertekenen”). Then open the link you receive from the petition site and confirm signature – bottom of page.]

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2 Responses to Petition to save KIT Library & The Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam)

  1. The KIT Library and Tropenmuseum are an invaluable scholarly resource that is of global importance – shutting down these institutions would be a blow to our understandings of the histories of these regions and of the place of the Dutch in these histories.

  2. Le Tropenmuseum est un musée d’exception qui fait un travail admirable sur les civilisations du monde. C’est un modèle pour beaucoup de musées en Europe. Il ne peut fermer !

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