Navigating Pacific Studies

Navigating_Pacific_StudiesSemester Two 2013 will see the introduction of an entirely online course into the Bachelor of Pacific Studies syllabus – a first for Pacific Studies at the ANU. PASI 1011 / 6001: Navigating Pacific Studies has been jointly developed by Dr Roannie Ng Shiu and Dr Jack Corbett and the ANU’s CAP Digital Learning Team. The course will also be offered at The University of Western Sydney and Griffith University. The course is designed as a gateway into debates about theory and practice that shape how we conceptualise and think about the region and its peoples.

The course is built around three learning modules – the past, present and future. We explore the voyages that brought people to the region and the stories they tell about their journeys. We investigate colonisation, the impact it had and still has on the region, and the different ways it can be understood. In the recent present we examine the new voyages that Pacific people have taken into places like Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In doing so we look at how people move within and between these new boundaries and how Pacific cultures and identities have evolved over time and place. Finally, we bring all of these themes together by considering how the past and the present can help us imagine possible futures for the peoples of the Pacific islands.

As this course will be delivered online it will look and feel somewhat different to other courses. Firstly, there are no lectures. Instead, each module is made up of a series of podcasts that introduce the readings, propose questions and identify themes. Students will then have the opportunity to discuss these texts with the course convenors in weekly online discussion forums – much like tutorials. In addition, assessments tasks – glossaries, discussion posts and essays – have been designed so as to encourage peer-to-peer learning outside designated discussion slots.

The course is co-convened by Roannie ( and Jack (, with additional teaching input from Dr Jioji Ravulo of UWS. If you want to know more about Navigating Pacific Studies please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

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