From Angkor Wat to Rapa Nui

angkor-wat-2 Moai on Rapa Nui

Ever visited an UNESCO World Heritage site or wanted to learn more about these amazing places? Here is your chance to learn how UNESCO works, who decides which sites are deemed worthy of World Heritage status and how to nominate a site to the World Heritage List. In Semester Two 2013, ASIA3050 / 6050: From Angkor Wat to Rapa Nui: UNESCO World Heritage in Asia and the Pacific will give you the opportunity to explore how ‘heritage’ is argued internationally. This year, the course will be held as a one week intensive from the 28th October – 1st November 2013.

The course was developed by Dr Christian Reepmeyer based on his experience in successfully inscribing a heritage property to the World Heritage List. In 2012, the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon Area was inscribed as only the fifth World Heritage site in a Pacific Small Island Developing State to the World Heritage List based on its natural and cultural values. We will learn about concepts of cultural and natural World Heritage and how they are defined by UNESCO protocols. On the basis of specific case studies we will understand ideas behind ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ and why this concept is both important and contentious. Through the course, you will learn about the challenges and the satisfaction that comes from assisting local communities with the promotion and management of their heritage! Specialists with long-term experience in World Heritage will share their insights from projects in Vanuatu, Tonga, Cambodia, Micronesia and Central Australia.

This years’ format, as an intensive one-week course, is well suited to off-campus and interstate students. It will include lectures, practicals and student presentations. Students will have the opportunity to assess World Heritage Site nominations in discussion groups and challenge their knowledge in quizzes.

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