Local Intermediaries in International Exploration Conference

Eyre_and_Wylie17-18 July 2013, ANU Commons (download program).

“The history of exploration has often been thought of as a heroic drama in which the explorer is the principal narrator and protagonist. This two day conference will discuss exploration as a collective effort and experience involving a variety of people and social strata in various kinds of relationships. It will engage with the recent resurgence in interest in the history of exploration, by focusing on the various intermediaries, the guides, translators and hosts who assisted and facilitated European travellers in exploring different parts of the world.” The conference includes the following papers with a Pacific focus:

  • Chris Ballard (ANU) Imaginary Friends: Explorers (& co.) in Interior New Guinea
  • Andrew Connelly (ANU) ‘They… had long been expecting me’: Local and Regional Indigenous Agency and Sir William MacGregor’s Exploration of the Trobriand Islands
  • Dario Di Rosa (ANU) Mediating the imaginary and the space of encounter: Some examples
  • Bronwen Douglas (ANU) “Much superior, in my eyes, to all the savages I had seen”: Person, agency and local knowledge in the exploration of Oceania
  • Antje Lubcke (ANU) Photographic encounters in British New Guinea: local agency in the making of the photographic record
  • Leah Lui-Chivizhe (UNSW/Sydney) Alfred Cort Haddon and Maino of Tudu, Torres Strait
  • Harriet Parsons (Melbourne) Bridging the Language Gap British-Tahitian collaborative drawing strategies on Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage
  • Nicole Starbuck (Adelaide) French Voyagers and Papuan Hosts: Intimacy, Exchange and the Evolving Role of the Local Intermediary, 1818-1827
  • Leonie Stevens (La Trobe) A tale of two Georges: George Augustus Robinson in Western district of Port Phillip, 1841, and Reverend George Brown in New Britain and New Ireland, 1880
  • Moira White (Otago Museum) ‘A most wonderful man in respect to exploration in South-eastern New Guinea’: James Chalmers
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