Moratorium on new research (and conditions for existing research) in Vanuatu

“As you all aware a Moratorium to research in Vanuatu was approved by the Vanuatu National Cultural Council (VNCC), the Paramount body that regulate research in the Republic of Vanuatu. Many people considered as a stumbling block to research and I respect your point of view and opinions but we believe that this moratorium is clear and it will give the VNCC time to re-think its National Research policy. During the last few years the VNCC had seen and experienced many researchers who were not complying with the VNCC Research policy and forget about the collaborative research. Please, bear in mind that VNCC is a legal entity who decide what it is better for this nation and we will be advising you on the next development on this. I will ask you to abide on this decision and request your collaboration and cooperation on that Moratorium. If you do required more information, please contact me on

I will ask you to wait until June next year 2014 before applying for research. I would ask all the approved researchers to submit a 10 page summary report of what they are doing so far. We need to follow up with researchers reports; Failing to do so, we will cancel their research and you will be exposed to sanction and visa cancellation. We need to follow up with people who do research on Land, traditional knowledge and all research that relate to social science, traditional ecological and environmental system and politics. You do have a timeframe until end of July 2013.

Thanks for your understanding.”

Marcellin Abong, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the VNCC.

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