Two new courses ‘War in the Islands’ and ‘Australia in Oceania’

Two new courses in Pacific History are on offer at the ANU in Second Semester 2013.

whittingtonThe first, ‘Australia in Oceania in the 19th and 20th centuries‘ (PASI 2002/6002) asks the question ‘Is Australia another Pacific Island?’ It traverses the long 19th and 20th centuries, discovering and rediscovering Australia’s connections with the Island world.

The second is ‘War in the Islands: the Second World War in the Pacific‘ (PASI 2006/6006). Its focus is the island theatre and it is the first course in the world that explores Allied, Japanese and Islander perspectives on the war and its legacies.
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Both courses cater for a range of interests, including students who want to work with their languages. For ‘War in the Islands’ students can, if they want, work with sources in Japanese, French or Tok Pisin. In ‘Australia in Oceania’, students of Pisin will have opportunities to broaden their skills and knowledge. Both courses are offered at undergraduate (2000) and postgraduate (6000) levels and by blended delivery (that is, for conventional and purely online participation).

Chris Ballard (, Paul D’Arcy ( and Vicki Luker ( teach both courses. Keiko Tamura ( joins us in ‘War in the Islands’, bringing her rich expertise on Japanese and Australian understandings of the Pacific War. Contact any of us for more.

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