Third International Würm Memorial Symposium honours the late Professor Darrell Tryon

Wurm_1956[Photograph: Stefen Würm in 1956.]

Date: 17 July 2013
Time: 9:45 for a 10am start to 3:30pm
Venue: Chancelry Building #10, Mills room
(See the program and venue location)

The Würm Symposia were established in 2011 to encourage dialogue between scholars working in remote locations in the Pacific on the one hand – on topics like linguistics, anthropology and history – and policy makers in the Pacific interested in the many political, development and security challenges faced in our region. It was conceived by the late Professor Darrell Tryon in connection with the Austrian Embassy, as a tribute to the late Professor Stefan (Stephen A.) Würm, the Austrian educated founding Professor of Linguistics at The Australian National University.

As in previous years, the program will bring together these two themes, on the philosophy that policy-makers can benefit from the vivid direct insights that researchers in the remote Pacific develop through their long-standing and close contacts with Pacific languages and peopls, and that Pacific scholars need to understand how their work contributes to the broader sociopolitical challenges of the region. This year’s symposium continues that theme, with talks on the first theme in the morning and those on the second theme in the afternoon.

tryon62[Photograph: Darrell Tryon on fieldwork in Vanuatu with ni-Vanuatu interlocutors]

The Symposium will also feature an obituary to the late Professor Darrell Tryon, who had planned this year’s symposium before succumbing to an untimely death in May this year.

The symposium is jointly sponsored by ANU, the University of Vienna and the Austrian Embassy. Morning and afternoon coffee and a light lunch will be provided. If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP at

[You may read tributes to the late Professor Darrell Tryon by several of his colleagues at The Australian National University on Outrigger: Professor Malcolm Ross (Pacific Linguistics) and Professor Brij Lal (Pacific and Asian History).]

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