Welcome, Grant Walton!

walton_gwIn April this year, Grant Walton joined the Crawford School of Public Policy’s Development Policy Centre as a Research Fellow. Grant joins the ANU after having completed his PhD in 2012. Grant’s PhD thesis, undertaken in the Department of Resource Management and Geography at the University of Melbourne, compared policy makers and citizens’ perspectives on corruption in Papua New Guinea.

Grant’s research interests include international development, civil society, budget tracking, the environment and, perhaps his favourite area of interest, corruption.

Over the past decade Grant has conducted research in PNG, Liberia and Afghanistan for international donors and non-governmental organisations. Prior to joining the Development Policy Centre, Grant worked as a lecturer for the University of Melbourne, consulted for Transparency International PNG and the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, and worked with ActionAid Afghanistan. As outlined on his ANU Researcher profile page, he has published in a variety of academic journals and books, and has contributed to policy reports. Grant’s musings can also be found on Devpolicy.org.

Grant is currently working on the Development Policy Centre’s Promoting Effective Public Expenditure (PEPE) project, which investigates the effectiveness of public expenditure in PNG. Having collected data from eight provinces across PNG the PEPE team is now analysing the results. As a part of the PEPE team, Grant is busy examining the academic and policy implications emerging from the data.

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