‘The Pacific Adventures of the Climate Crab’

“A new animation video has been launched aimed at supporting communities across the Pacific to be better prepared for climate change and disasters.
Called ‘The Pacific Adventures of the Climate Crab’, the video stars a comical crab that can cope well with disasters. It follows the crab’s escapades across the Pacific. The video has been produced to take the mystery out of climate and climate change, communicating scientific information to communities, governments and non-government organisations.
It focuses on the effects of climate and climate change on the Pacific, for instance severe droughts and cyclones. The resources highlight that preparing well for disasters can save lives, property and protect clean water, food crops and infrastructure.

Over recent years there have been extreme weather events such as floods in Fiji, Cyclone Evan in Samoa and Fiji as well as droughts in Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands. The animation aims to assist communities as they prepare for disasters.

The animation and accompanying resource ‘tool kit’ will be used to raise awareness of the science and impacts of El Niño and La Niña and encourage Pacific Islanders to take early action in preparing for extreme weather events.

The video will be used by Red Cross National Societies across the Pacific as they work with communities. It will also be distributed to schools, organisations, government departments and communities across the Pacific.

The film and resource kit will be available from Pacific Climate Change Science.
The video is the first of two films. A second short film called ‘Cloud Nasara’ focuses on Vanuatu. It features a reggae parrot and dancing cloud parties. The video will be available later in July from Pacific Climate Change Science in English, French and Bislama.
The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and Australian Red Cross have teamed up with CSIRO, Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazard Department, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and the SPC-GIZ Climate Change Program to produce the videos.”


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