Pacific Institute digitisation project

This index page links to more than 300 monographs and working papers recently digitised by the Pacific Institute. This work represents a significant contribution to the process of digitising the university’s extensive and diverse corpus of Pacific research. These publications will eventually be available as open access documents via the ANU Library (Digital Collections) and ANU Press. Meanwhile, this index provides researchers immediate access to these resources.

Priority for digitisation was given to documents that were available in a clean hard-copy format to ensure the best quality result (incl. select non-Pacific material). Monograph series were produced in their entirety where possible and the scanning of incomplete Pacific publication series is a priority for future work. The imperative for this initiative – its contribution to Pacific scholarship and to genuine collaboration with (and repatriation of research to) the peoples of the region – is central to the mission of the university’s Pacific Institute (read a related note on reciprocity by Ron Crocombe and Oskar Spate from 1969).

This digitisation effort was supported by the Board of the Pacific Institute. Special thanks to: Deveni Temu (Pacific Librarian ANU), Wal Ambrose and others in ANH (for the TAs), Bryant Allen and Mike Bourke (for the NGRB collection), the late Hank Nelson, Colin Filer, Peter Sack, Vicki Luker (JPH material), Pam Thomas, Ron May, Robin Hide, the late Darrell Tryon, and Roger Casas Ruiz. Mike Cookson conducted this work on behalf of the Pacific Institute. All related inquiries should be directed to the convenors of the Pacific Institute.

Users are free to download publications from this page for their personal use, but not for sale or other commercial purposes. Please reference this material using (this URL will re-direct users to ANU Digital Collections once accession of these publications is complete).


ANU Press


Terra Australis

  1. Burrill Lake and Currarong
  2. Ol Tumbuna
  3. New Guinea Stone Age Trade
  4. Recent Prehistory in Southeast Papua
  5. The Great Kartan Mystery
  6. Early Man in North Queensland
  7. The Alligator Rivers
  8. Hunter Hill, Hunter Island
  9. Coastal Southwest Tasmania
  10. The Emergence of Mailu
  11. Archaeology in Eastern Timor, 1966-67
  12. Early Tongan Prehistory Vol 1 and Vol 2
  13. Coobool Creek
  14. 30,000 Years of Aboriginal Occupation: Kimberley, North West Australia
  15. Lapita Interaction
  16. The Prehistory of Buka: A Stepping Stone Island in the Northern Solomons
  17. The Archaeology of Lapita Dispersal in Oceania
  18. An archaeology of West Polynesian prehistory
  19. Phytolith and starch research in the Ausralian-Pacific-Asian regions: the state of the art
  20. The Sea People: Late Holocene maritime specialisation in the Whitsunday Islands, Central Queensland

Occasional Papers

Copyright material not published by ANU (reproduced with permission)

Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES)

Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Papua New Guinea Human Ecology Report series (published in collaboration with UNESCO/UNEP PNG Human Ecology Programme):

Development Studies Centre (DSC)

DSC was the precursor to the National Centre for Development Studies (NCDS) and the Crawford School. [Note: PI was involved in the digitisation of the Development Bulletin and Development Studies Working Papers on behalf of the Development Studies Network. These documents are now available through Digital Collections.]

Monograph series

  1. Labour and the law in Papua New Guinea
  2. The role of the Papua New Guinea defence force
  3. Education, employment and migration in Papua New Guinea
  4. Chimbu: issues in development
  5. Professional structure in South East Asia
  6. Education and nation-building in plural societies: The West Malaysian experience
  7. Bougainville in transition
  8. Man and Environment in Eastern Timor
  9. Micro-macro links in planning
  10. Appetite for education in contemporary Asia
  11. The adaptation of traditional agriculture: socioeconomic problems of urbanisation
  12. Taim bilong mani: The evolution of agriculture in a Solomon Island society
  13. Practice without policy: genesis of local government in Papua New Guinea
  14. Customs of respect: the traditional basis of Fijian communal politics
  15. Agricultural project design and evaluation in an island community
  16. International aid: some political, administrative and technical realities
  17. Forestry in national development: production systems, conservation, foreign trade and aid
  18. Indonesia and Australia: the politics of aid and development since 1966
  19. Corned beef and tapioca: a report on the food distribution systems in Tonga
  20. Prestige and profit: the development of entrepreneurial abilities in Taiwan, 1880-972
  21. The political economy of political development: A case study of regional development in the Philippines before martial law
  22. Food in Fiji: the produce and processed foods distribution systems
  23. The island states of the Pacific and Indian Oceans: anatomy of development
  24. Rural-born Fijians and Indo-Fijians in Suva: A study of movement and linkages
  25. Food distribution in the New Hebrides
  26. Black out in Alice: A history of the establishment and development of town camps in Alice Springs
  27. Population mobility and development: Southeast Asia and the Pacific
  28. Agriculture and population pressure in Sikka, Isle of Flores

Extracts from other DSC publications (and series)

Geography (Biogeography and Human Geography)

Biography and Geomorphology Publication Series

  • BG 2 - Secondary Plant Succession in Tropical Montane Mindanao
  • BG 4 - The Climate of Mt Wilhelm
  • BG 5 - The Forests of the Fatima Basin and Mt Kerigomna, Papua New Guinea with a review of Montane and Subalpine Rainforests in Papuasia

Human Geography

  • HG 9 - New Hebridean mobility: A study of circular migration
  • HG 17 - Land, Cane and Coconuts: Papers on the rural economy of Fiji
  • HG 18 - The Spread of Measles in Fiji and the Pacific


New Guinea Research Unit - New Guinea Research Bulletin (NGRB)

  1. The Erap Mechanical Farming Project by R.G. Crocombe and G.R. Hogbin, April 1963
  2. Land, Work and Productivity at Inonda by R.G. Crocombe and G.R. Hogbin, August 1963
  3. Social Accounts of the Monetary Sector of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, 1956/57 to 1960/61 by R.C. White, January 1964
  4. Communal Cash Cropping among the Orokaiva by R.G. Crocombe, May 1964
  5. A Survey of Indigenous Rubber Producers in the Kerema Bay Area by G.R. Hogbin, October 1964
  6. The European Land Settlement Scheme at Popondetta by D.R. Howlett, April 1965
  7. The M’buke Co-operative Plantation by R.G. Crocombe, August 1965
  8. Cattle, Coffee and Land among the Wain by Graham Jackson, December 1965
  9. An Integrated Approach to Nutrition and Society: the case of the Chimbu, ed. E. Hipsley, January 1966
  10. The Silanga Resettlement Project by Olga van Rijswijck, February 1966
  11. Land Tenure and Land Use among the MountLamington Orokaiva by Max Rimoldi, April 1966
  12. Education Through the Eyes of an Indigenous Urban Elite by Karol van der Veur and Penelope Richardson, August 1966
  13. Orokaiva Papers: Miscellaneous Papers on the Orokaiva of North East Papua, November 1966
  14. Rabia Camp: a Port Moresby Migrant Settlement by Nancy E. Hitchcock and N.D. Oram, January 1967
  15. Bulolo: a History of the Development of the Bulolo Region, New Guinea by Allan Healy, February 1967
  16. Papuan Entrepreneurs: Papers by R.G. Crocombe, W.J. Qoster-Meyer and Joanne Gray, J.V. Langmore, April 1967
  17. Land Tenure Conversion in the Northern District of Papua by David Morawetz, May 1967
  18. Social and Economic Relationships in a Port Moresby Canoe Settlement by N.D. Oram, July 1967
  19. A Benefit Cost Analysis of Resettlement in the Gazelle Peninsula by S. Singh, September 1967
  20. New Guinea People in Business and Industry: Papers from the First Waigani Seminar, December 1967
  21. Teachers in the Urban Community by Penelope Richardson and Karol van der Veur, January 1968
  22. Papers on the Papua-New Guinea House of Assembly by Norman Mellex, January 1968
  23. Mixed-race Society in Port Moresby by B.G. Burton-Bradley, March 1968
  24. The Organisation of Production and Distribution among the Orokaiva by E.W. Waddell and P.A. Krinks, September 1968
  25. A Survey of Village Industries in Papua-New Guinea by R. Kent Wilson, November 1968
  26. The Contribution of Voluntary Aid Organisations to the Development of Papua-New Guinea, 1966-67 by Micheline Dewdney, January 1969
  27. New Guinean Entrepreneurs by B.R. Finney, February 1969
  28. Namasu: New Guinea’s Largest Indigenous-owned Company by I.J. Fairbairn, March 1969
  29. Hohola: the Significance of Social Networks in Urban Adaptation of Women by Lynn Oeser, June 1969
  30. Inter-tribal Relations of the Maenge People of New Britain by M. Panoff, July 1969
  31. Inter-ethnic Marriage In New Guinea by A.W. Lind, August 1969
  32. New Guinea Social Science Field Research and Publications, 1962-67 by Susan C. Reeves and May Dudley, October 1969
  33. The Rigo Road: a Study of the Economic Effects of New Road Construction by Marion W. Ward, January 1970
  34. People and Planning In Papua and New Guinea; Papers by D.J. van de Kaa, J.M. Stanhope, T.S. Epstein, N.H. Fry, and C.L. Beltz, April 1970
  35. The Indigenous Role In Business Enterprise; Three Papers from the Third Waigani Seminar, 1969 by A.J. O’Connor, T.S. Epstein and G. Nash, May 1970
  36. Australia and the United Nations: New Guinea Trusteeship Issues from 1946 to 1966 by W.E. Thomasetti, July 1970
  37. Port Moresby Urban Development by J.V. Langmore and N.D. Oram, September 1970
  38. Land Tenure in West Irian: Papers by K.W. Galls, J.V. de Bruyn, J.Power, J.W. Schoorl, and J. Verschueren, December 1970
  39. The Situm and Gobari Ex-servicemen’s Settlements by A. Ploeg, January 1971
  40. Land Tenure and Economic Development: Problems and Policies in New Guinea and Kenya: Papers by S. Rowton Simpson, R.L. Hide, et al, March 1971
  41. Would-be Entrepreneurs? A Study of Motivation in New Guinea by Ruth S. Finney, May 1971
  42. Population Growth and Socio-economic Change: Papers from the Second Demography Seminar, Port Moresby 1970, September 1971
  43. Langandrowa and M’buke, Corporate Indigenous Plantations by A.M. McGregor, December 1971
  44. Business and Cargo: Socio-economic Change among the Nasioi of Bougainville by E. Ogan, 1972
  45. Leadership and Socio-economic Change in Sinaslna by Sachiko Hatanaka, 1972
  46. Melanesians’ Choice: Tadhimboko Participation in the Solomon Islands Cash Economy by I.Q. Lasaqa, 1972
  47. Official and Unofficial Courts; Legal Assumptions and Expectations in a Highlands Community by Marilyn Strathem, 1972
  48. Freight Forwarding in the Australia-Papua New Guinea Trade by P.J. Rimmer, 1972
  49. Hoskins Development: the Role of Oil Palm and Timber - Papers by J.P. Longayroux, T. Fleming, A. Ploeg, R.T. Shand and W.F. Straatmans, and W. Jones, 1973
  50. The Land Titles Commission in Chimbu: an Analysis of Colonial Land Law and Practice, 1933-68 by R. Hide, 1973
  51. Constitutional Development in Papua New Guinea, 1968-73: the Transfer of Executive Power by P.J. Bayne and H.K. Colebatch, 1973
  52. Chimbu Family Relationships in Port Moresby by J. Whiteman, 1973
  53. Money, Motivation and Cash Cropping by T.K. Mouliks 1973
  54. Transition from Subsistence: Cash Crop Development in Papua New Guinea by R.T. Shand and W. Straatmans, 1974
  55. Matriliny and Modernisation: the Nagovisi of South Bougainville by Jill Nash, 1974
  56. Foreign Economic Relations of Papua New Guinea Ross Garnaut (ed.) 1974
  57. Traditional Marriage and the Impact of Christianity on the Solos of Buka Island by A.H. Sarei, 1974
  58. Co-operatives in Papua New Guinea by Sumer Singh, 1974
  59. Business and Bureaucracy: a study of Papua New Guinean businessmen and the policies of business development in Port Moresby by C. Leslie Andrews, 1975
  60. Sound-producing Instruments in Traditional Society: a study of esoteric instruments and their role in male-female relations by K.A. Gourlay, 1975
  61. No Money on our Skins: Hagen Migrants in Port Moresby by Marilyn Strathern, 1975
  62. Roads and Development in Southwest Bougainville by Marion W. Ward, 1975
  63. Four Papers on the Papua New Guinea Cattle Industry by P.F. Philipp, L.L. Langness, F. von Fleckenstein and M. Evans, 1975

Online Archives

Pacific History (incl. PAH, JPH, PHA and TO)

Pacific Policy Paper(s) (PPP) of the National Centre for Development Studies (NCDS)

[Note that this series was renamed ‘Pacific Policy Paper’ after volume 5]

  1. The Economy of Papua New Guinea: an independent review
  2. Selected Issues in Pacific Islands Development
  3. Human Resources Development in the Pacific
  4. The Fiji Economy, May 1987: Problems and Prospects
  5. Growth, Structural Change and Economic Policy in Papua New Guinea: implications for agriculture
  6. Education for Economic Development
  7. Remittances and Their Impact: A Study of Tonga and Western Samoa
  8. Agricultural Export Marketing in the South Pacific: the future role of marketing authorities
  9. Pacific 2010: Challenging the Future
  10. The Future of Asia-Pacific economies: Pacific Islands at the Crossroads?
  11. Pacific 2010: Planning the Future: Melanesian Cities in 2010
  12. Pacific 2010: Women’s education and economic development in Melanesia
  13. Pacific 2010: Strategies for Melanesian agriculture for 2010 : tough choices
  14. Urbanization in Polynesia
  15. Pacific 2010: Strategies for Polynesian agricultural development
  16. Pacific 2010: Women and Employment in Solomon Islands
  17. Pacific 2010. A sustainable future for Melanesia? : natural resources, population and development
  18. Pacific 2010: Opportunities for non-formal education in Melanesia
  19. The Governance of Common Property in the Pacific Region
  20. Papua New Guinea: A 20/20 Vision
  21. Electoral Systems in Divided Societies: The Fiji Constitutional Review
  22. ??
  23. Governance and reform in the South Pacific
  24. Compensation for Resource Development in Papua New Guinea
  25. Environment and Development in the Pacific Islands
  26. Japan’s Aid Diplomacy and the Pacific Islands
  27. The Ok Tedi Settlement: issues, outcomes and implications
  28. Pacific 2010: Labour resource utilisation in Melanesia
  29. ??
  30. Challenging the State: the Sandline Affair in Papua New Guinea (PSC Regime 21)
  31. Productivity Performance in the South Pacific Islands
  32. Pacific Development Sustained: policy for Pacific environments
  33. ??
  34. Dilemmas of Development: The Social and Economic Impact of the Porgera Gold Mine, 1989-1994

Pacific Research Monographs (PRM)

  1. Technical training and development in Papua, 1894-1941
  2. Villagers at war : some Papua New Guinean experiences in World War II
  3. A thousand graduates : conflict in university development in Papua New Guinea, 1961-1976
  4. Viceroy of the Pacific : the majesty of colour, a life of Sir John Bates Thurston
  5. Brown or white? : a history of the Fiji sugar industry, 1873-1973
  6. Education in Fiji : policy, problems and progress in primary and secondary education, 1939-1973
  7. The Fijian colonial experience : a study of the neotraditional order under British colonial rule prior to World War II
  8. The Hiri in history : further aspects of long distance Motu trade in Central Papua
  9. In the land of strangers : a century of European contact with Tanna, 1774-1874
  10. Exchange rate and macro-economic policy in independent Papua New Guinea
  11. Orokaiva production and change
  12. Foreign investment in Papua New Guinea : policies and practices
  13. The cash incentive : the economic response of semi-subsistent craftworkers in Papua New Guinea
  14. Cash cropping, Catholicism and change : resettlement among the Kuni of Papua
  15. Fiji’s economic history, 1874-1939 : studies of capitalist colonial development
  16. New Caledonia or Kanaky? : the political history of a French colony
  17. Copra marketing and price stabilization in Papua New Guinea : a history to 1975
  18. Bounteous bestowal: the economic history of Norfolk Island
  19. Land and differentiation in rural Fiji
  20. Port Vila : transit station or final stop ? : recent developments in Ni-Vanuatu population mobility
  21. Economic development, migrant labour and indigenous welfare in Irian Jaya
  22. Environment, aid and regionalism in the South Pacific
  23. The Northeast passage : a study of Pacific islander migration to American Samoa and the United States
  24. Migration and development in the South Pacific
  25. Decentralization in a developing country : the experience of Papua New Guinea and its health service

Pandanus Press

PNG Elections (incl. ANU Press, PSC, SSGM, collaborations with NRI)

Political and Social Change


  1. Micronationalist movements in Papua New Guinea
  2. Land and politics in New Caledonia
  3. Youth in Papua New Guinea : with reference to Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
  4. Chuave politics : changing patterns of leadership in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
  5. Youth and society : perspectives from Papua New Guinea
  6. Law and order in a changing society : papers prepared for a conference on law and order in Papua New Guinea, 17-18 October 1985
  7. Regime change in the Philippines : the legitimation of the Aquino government
  8. Indonesia assessment 1988
  9. Pangu returns to power : the 1982 elections in Papua New Guinea
  10. The urban mass movement in the Philippines, 1983-87
  11. Indonesia assessment 1990 : proceedings of Indonesia Update Conference, October 1990
  12. Nusa Tenggara Timur : the challenges of development
  13. Indonesia assessment 1991 : proceedings of Indonesia Update Conference, August 1991
  14. Doi Moi: Vietnam’s Renovation Policy and Performance
  15. Beyond the politics of race : an alternative history of Fiji to 1992 [poor]
  16. The Bougainville crisis : 1991 update
  17. Indonesia assessment 1992 : political perspectives on the 1990s ; proceedings of the Indonesia Update Conference, August 1992
  18. Social development in Papua New Guinea 1972-1990 : searching for solutions in a changing world
  19. Vietnam and the rule of law : proceedings of Vietnam Update Conference, November 1992
  20. Indonesia assessment 1993 : labour : sharing in the benefits of growth?
  21. Indonesia assessment 1994: Finance as a Key Sector in Indonesia’s Development
  22. Dilemmas of development : Vietnam update 1994
  23. The 1992 Papua New Guinea election : change and continuity in electoral politics
  24. Doi moi : ten years after the 1986 party congress
  25. Mass media in Vietnam

Working Papers

  1. The Vietnam-Kampuchea-China Conflicts: Motivations, Background, Significance
  2. The Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border: Irianese Nationalism and Small State Diplomacy
  3. Road Belong Development: Cargo cults, community groups and self-help movements in Papua New Guinea
  4. National-provincial government relations in Papua New Guinea : consultant’s report to the Committee to Review the Financial Provisions of the Organic Law on Provincial Government
  5. Social stratification in Papua New Guinea
  6. Women and Politics in Papua New Guinea
  7. The economic impact of tourism on the Mutitjulu community, Uluru (Ayers Rock-Mount Olga) National Park
  8. ??
  9. Some key issues in the reform of the North Vietnamese industrial sector
  10. New directions for Pacific Islands studies
  11. Explaining Cambodia: a review essay

Regime Change and Regime Maintenance Working Papers

  1. State Determination and State Autonomy in Theories of Regime Maintenance and Regime Change
  2. Some Conceptual and Empirical Issues in the Study of Regime Change
  3. ??
  4. Tonga’s Constitution and the Changing State
  5. Political Development in Vietnam: From the Sixth to the Seventh National Party Congress
  6. Regime Change as Regime Maintenance: The Military versus Democracy in Fiji
  7. Legitimacy, Sovereignty and Regime Change in the South Pacific: Comparisons Between the Fiji Coups and the Bougainville Rebellion
  8. Semi-democracy in Malaysia: Pressures and Prospects for Change
  9. Colour, Class and Custom: The Literature of the 1987 Fiji Coup
  10. Universal Suffrage in Western Samoa: The 1991 General Elections
  11. Democratising China and Taiwan: Cultural and Institutional Paradigms
  12. Ethnicity and Interests at the 1990 Federated States of Micronesia Constitutional Convention
  13. Tradition versus Democracy in the Kingdom of Tonga
  14. Cambodia: A Political Survey
  15. Comparing Regime Continuity and Change: Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
  16. Managing Ethnic Conflict: The Case of Pakistan
  17. Two Papers on Burma
  18. (Re? )Discovering Chiefs: Traditional Authority and the Restructuring of Local-Level Government in Papua New Guinea
  19. Indonesia: from Suharto to Democracy?
  20. South Korean Politics in Transition: Democratisation, Elections and the Voters
  21. Challenging the State: The Sandline Affair in Papua New Guinea (PPP 31)
  22. Military Doctrines and Democratic Transition: A comparative Perspective on Indonesia’s Dual Function and Latin American National Security Doctrines
  23. A Time to Change: The Fiji General Elections of 1999
  24. ‘Kataks’, Kaduzan-Dusun Nationalism and Development: The 1999 Sabah State Election

Resource Management in Asia-Pacific (RMAP)

[Note: RMAP is now part of the Resources, Environment and Development (RE&D) unit of the Crawford School.]

RSPAS misc. (incl. RSPS) publications

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