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This index page links to more than 300 monographs and working papers recently digitised by the Pacific Institute. This work represents a significant contribution to the process of digitising the university’s extensive and diverse corpus of Pacific research. These publications will eventually be available as open access documents via the ANU Library (Digital Collections) and ANU Press. Meanwhile, this index provides researchers immediate access to these resources.

Priority for digitisation was given to documents that were available in a clean hard-copy format to ensure the best quality result (incl. select non-Pacific material). Monograph series were produced in their entirety where possible and the scanning of incomplete Pacific publication series is a priority for future work. The imperative for this initiative – its contribution to Pacific scholarship and to genuine collaboration with (and repatriation of research to) the peoples of the region – is central to the mission of the university’s Pacific Institute (read a related note on reciprocity by Ron Crocombe and Oskar Spate from 1969).

This digitisation effort was supported by the Board of the Pacific Institute. Special thanks to: Deveni Temu (Pacific Librarian ANU), Wal Ambrose and others in ANH (for the TAs), Bryant Allen and Mike Bourke (for the NGRB collection), the late Hank Nelson, Colin Filer, Peter Sack, Vicki Luker (JPH material), Pam Thomas, Ron May, Robin Hide, the late Darrell Tryon, and Roger Casas Ruiz. Mike Cookson conducted this work on behalf of the Pacific Institute. All related inquiries should be directed to the convenors of the Pacific Institute.

Users are free to download publications from this page for their personal use, but not for sale or other commercial purposes. Please reference this material using

DSC was the precursor to the National Centre for Development Studies (NCDS) and the Crawford School. [Note: PI was involved in the digitisation of the Development Bulletin and Development Studies Working Papers on behalf of the Development Studies Network. These documents are now available through Digital Collections.]

Monograph series

Biography and Geomorphology Publication Series

  • BG 2 - Secondary Plant Succession in Tropical Montane Mindanao
  • BG 4 - The Climate of Mt Wilhelm
  • BG 5 - The Forests of the Fatima Basin and Mt Kerigomna, Papua New Guinea with a review of Montane and Subalpine Rainforests in Papuasia

Human Geography

  • HG 9 - New Hebridean mobility: A study of circular migration
  • HG 17 - Land, Cane and Coconuts: Papers on the rural economy of Fiji
  • HG 18 - The Spread of Measles in Fiji and the Pacific

New Guinea Research Unit - New Guinea Research Bulletin (NGRB)

Pandanus Press

Political and Social Change


  1. Micronationalist movements in Papua New Guinea
  2. Land and politics in New Caledonia
  3. Youth in Papua New Guinea: with reference to Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
  4. Chuave politics: changing patterns of leadership in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
  5. Youth and society: perspectives from Papua New Guinea
  6. Law and order in a changing society: papers prepared for a conference on law and order in Papua New Guinea, 17-18 October 1985
  7. Nusa Tenggara Timur: the challenges of development
  8. Indonesia assessment 1991: proceedings of Indonesia Update Conference, August 1991
  9. Beyond the politics of race: an alternative history of Fiji to 1992 [poor]
  10. The Bougainville crisis: 1991 update
  11. Social development in Papua New Guinea 1972-1990: searching for solutions in a changing world
  12. Vietnam and the rule of law: proceedings of Vietnam Update Conference, November 1992
  13. Dilemmas of development: Vietnam update 1994
  14. The 1992 Papua New Guinea election: change and continuity in electoral politics
  15. Mass media in Vietnam


Working Papers

  1. The Vietnam-Kampuchea-China Conflicts: Motivations, Background, Significance
  2. The Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border: Irianese Nationalism and Small State Diplomacy
  3. Road Belong Development: Cargo cults, community groups and self-help movements in Papua New Guinea
  4. Women and Politics in Papua New Guinea


Regime Change and Regime Maintenance Working Papers

  1. Tonga’s Constitution and the Changing State
  2. Democratising China and Taiwan: Cultural and Institutional Paradigms
  3. Ethnicity and Interests at the 1990 Federated States of Micronesia Constitutional Convention
  4. Tradition versus Democracy in the Kingdom of Tonga
  5. Comparing Regime Continuity and Change: Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
  6. Managing Ethnic Conflict: The Case of Pakistan
  7. Two Papers on Burma
  8. (Re? )Discovering Chiefs: Traditional Authority and the Restructuring of Local-Level Government in Papua New Guinea
  9. South Korean Politics in Transition: Democratisation, Elections and the Voters
  10. Challenging the State: The Sandline Affair in Papua New Guinea (PPP 31)
  11. Military Doctrines and Democratic Transition: A comparative Perspective on Indonesia’s Dual Function and Latin American National Security Doctrines
  12. ‘Kataks’, Kaduzan-Dusun Nationalism and Development: The 1999 Sabah State Election